Flights to Bhutan

Bhutan, a small country nestled in the eastern Himalayas, is known for its unique culture, breathtaking landscapes, and a commitment to Gross National Happiness. For those looking to travel to Bhutan, it is essential to understand the flight schedules and options available.

Paro International Airport is Bhutan’s only international airport and serves as the main gateway for tourists and visitors. It is located in the Paro valley and is surrounded by mountains, making it one of the most challenging airports to land in the world. Currently, two airlines operate flights to Paro International Airport: Drukair and Bhutan Airlines.

Drukair is Bhutan’s national airline and operates flights to and from Bangkok, Delhi, Kolkata, Kathmandu, and Singapore. The airline has a fleet of four Airbus A319 and ATR 42-500 aircraft, and its flight schedule is subject to change depending on weather conditions and other factors.

Bhutan Airlines is a private airline that started operations in 2013 and currently operates flights to and from Bangkok, Delhi, Kolkata, and Kathmandu. The airline has a fleet of two Airbus A319 aircraft, and like Drukair, its flight schedule is subject to change.

It is essential to note that flights to Bhutan are limited, and during peak tourist seasons, it can be challenging to secure a seat. It is recommended to book flights well in advance to avoid disappointment. Additionally, flight schedules can be subject to change due to weather conditions, and travelers should check with the airlines for the latest information.

In conclusion, Bhutan’s flight schedules are limited, and it is essential to plan your trip well in advance and keep in mind that flights are subject to change. However, the unique experience of landing at Paro International Airport and exploring Bhutan’s culture and natural beauty make the journey worthwhile.